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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai

So this Friday, the much awaited movie about of the upcoming of the Bombay Mafia released. Anxious to watch it, I went today at DT Cinemas. The tickets, available, but limited on a sunday afternoon shows that the movie is doing well on its 3rd day.

Coming to the movie, the Story is pretty good considering the movies coming these days ( Khatta Meetha, Milenge Milenge)

The Dialogues of the movie are really brilliant; a 5/5 in that department. The performance by Ajay Devgan is nothing but outstanding. He does do the gangster/police roles brilliantly. The Glamour of Kangana Ranaut is brilliantly shown here. In my opinion, she is best suited for the fashion/actress kinda roles. Prachi disappointed me to be honest. After her performance in Rock On! and Life Partner, I had more expectations. And, as usual, Emraan Hashmi , the serial kisser has pulled out some good work in the movie.

The Credits shows that Randeep Hooda has a guest appearance but I did not feel so. He was more than an active part of the movie.

Some of the sequences are brilliant. I really liked the railway track sequence.

Props used are brilliant. Some excellent classic cars, clothes.

The 1st half promises to you a great movie but the 2nd doesnt live up to the goodness of the 1st.

A strange ending to the movie.

Overall about 3/5 for the effort to rewind into the 70's of Mumbai showing the upcoming of the Mumbai Mafia.

Awaiting Aisha Now. Oh wait, even Predator coming up next week. With only one free day next week, Lets wait for some reviews on friday to decide which one to go for.

Over and Out for Tonight.

So finally I fell for it.

I did well i must tell you.
Got to know about the Blogging scene about 5-6 years back and stopped myself for it as much as i can.
But I finally succumbed to it. Right now, it is looking like fun considering that I have become more of a social animal than a human I proclaim to be.

Hopefully, I will be able to maintain this blogging spirit in me.

Going to watch ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI starring Emraan Hashmi, Prachi Desai, Ajay Devgan, Kangana Ranaut today. Hopefully it will be good.